Reflection on a Decision

I told myself two years ago that I was going to get in the ocean every single day, and that decision has changed my life for the better. 

(Reflection on a Decision, 2016)


5 thoughts on “Reflection on a Decision

    1. I very rarely miss. I think out of 365 days in the year, I probably am in the water for 300 of them. Although one year I swear I only missed like 5 days; got into this grind where I just needed it in me every day!!
      I do agree that daylight savings makes it a lot more difficult though!


      1. I worked further inland than my house and worked late at night and surfed more than I do now working right on the beach!?!

        I am a salaried manager at a hotel and I get in and getting out on time is a huge struggle. So I am praying for more sunlight or a better work process. I am banking more on the first one…


  1. Yeah that’s rough, I’ve been there. I’ve found that you’ve gotta organize your life around your passions, not your passions around your life. Otherwise you’ll miss the time to do your passions too often, and those are what keep you going!
    For instance, I don’t start work or class before noon each day; I have ample time to get in the water each day!! That being said, I am young so I don’t mind working until 10pm, but that is not everyone’s cup of tea.


  2. Hiya Reagan.

    Your website is really wonderful.

    You’re not still thinking of enrolling in Art110 are you?

    You do not appear on the official university roster.

    Probably you changed your mind, but I just wanted to double check.


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